Drink less Sugar (You’re sweet enough already)

By HFactor | September 19, 2019

But seriously!

The Wall Street Journal just put out a very interesting article titled, “The War on Sugar Hits the Juice Box”. Furthermore, the sub-headline read “With pediatricians and parents increasingly concerned about the health risks of juice, a growing crop of watered-down juice-box alternatives are coming to store shelves. But will kids drink them?”

Interestingly enough, HFACTORWATER flavors might be the perfect solution. First and foremost, it comes in a pouch… and kids absolutely love the flexible pouches! More importantly though, our flavored waters are all natural with zero calories and no sugar. As parents continue to provide their kids with healthy alternatives, HFACTORWATER can be the solution they are looking for where kids won’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthier option. So, after many months of trials and research, we launched 4 bold and distinct flavors: Watermelon, Blood Orange, Honeydew, and Tart Cherry.


Looking elsewhere, we found some intriguing comments surrounding Lassonde’s Apple & Eve. They tested their water-based concept last year, using different formulations, before settling on the final formula with 20 calories or less. “A lot of thought went into making sure parents were happy and that kids would approve and drink Cool Waters,” says senior director of innovation Jamie Bradford. “The thought here was never that it was going to replace 100% juice,” says Ms. Bradford. Still, “sometimes [plain] water doesn’t cut it. This gives them a little more taste and deliciousness.”

However, we don’t believe that in order to be healthy you have to sacrifice flavor. In fact, HFACTORWATER flavors are bold, vibrant, and crisp - keeping kids excited about drinking water.


Hydrogen infused water is still a completely new category - one that we are leading the charge in, and the really exciting thing for us is that it’s early. The range of benefits that hydrogen infused water offers allows us to position the brand in a very authentic way. We’re really interested to see how our marketing efforts towards these new consumers performs.


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