RISE & Grind - The HFactor Way

by H Factor | October 23, 2019

A Hydrogen Infused Fitness Crawl?

Until this very moment, a “bar crawl” was probably the only type of crawl you’ve ever heard of. This past Saturday, we partnered with RISE Nitro Brewing Co. for an unforgettable back-to-back fitness driven and hydrogen fueled fitness crawl. Our RISE & Grind fitness crawl began at the RISE Café around 8:30 a.m. as we rounded up our troops of fitness enthusiasts that just so happened to be devoted HFactor fans. Some of our fitness “crawlers” who crushed the event included: Wally the Founding Coach of Project Sculpt, Jackie the CEO and Founder of NOVA Fitness, and Chris the Owner of Project Sculpt.


Alexa, Please Call a Party Bus for my Morning Workout

At 9 a.m. we hopped on the limo bus packed with HFactor and RISE - I mean seriously, is there a better way to travel to an early morning weekend workout?! Once the HFactor and RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee hit our systems, we headed straight to Yoga Vida for a much-needed yoga session.


Our sixty-five-minute class prepared us for the day ahead and allowed us to destress and stretch our muscles. If you’ve never cared for yoga before, we encourage you to check out Yoga Vida - the class even made our most skeptical participants change their perception about yoga!


Thank goodness we stretched earlier because our second stop was a twenty-minute HIIT workout in Battery Park led by the one and only, Chris Almazan. Let us tell you, twenty-minutes isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the help of Chris, we mustered up the courage to do endless burpees, mountain climbers, and countless high-knee kicks. It never ceases to amaze us how Chris can turn a challenging workout into a fun and gratifying experience. After our HIIT workout, we wasted no time in getting to the next stop.

When we planned RISE & Grind, we anticipated that our “fitness crawlers” would be exhausted by our third and final stop. However, we were pleasantly surprised that our “crawlers” kept their energy and motivation flowing throughout the event! Our last workout was a two-mile run along the Hudson Greenway which was a perfect way to conclude our fitness crawl, the HFactor way. We had an incredible time running along the water in the crisp fall weather while pushing each other through the finish line.

After our three intense workouts, we went for some well-deserved happy hour drinks, it was almost Saturday night after all! Overall, RISE & Grind was an incredible event and we appreciate all of the hard work our "crawlers" and RISE Nitro Brewing Co. put into the day! 

Our Partnership with RISE Nitro Brewing Co. 

Joining forces with RISE Nitro Brewing Co. is what made RISE & Grind a successful event. What makes our partnership work is that we share the same values, our products are both natural, organic, and health-driven. So stop by the RISE Café this month located at 79 Delancey Street for delicious homemade coffee and of course, HFactor!