Our Sustainability Partnership With TerraCycle

By HFactor | October 30, 2019

Committed To Our Environment

When consumers notice our pouch, their minds automatically presume that they can't recycle it. To be fair, at first glimpse we’d imagine the same thing. It’s a valid assumption. So, we're excited to announce our partnership with TerraCycle which allows us to do just that - recycle the pouches!

What's TerraCycle? TerraCycle makes it conceivable to recycle nearly anything under the sun. Our partnership with TerraCycle is free and easy! We strongly urge you to use TerraCycle's envelopes and you can sign up here: https://bit.ly/34eMaiF

Follow these simple steps to participate:

1. Don’t Let Your Pouches Accumulate
Visit our online form to request a free envelope to recycle your collection of HFACTORWATER pouches, http://bit.ly/TerraCyclePartnership

2. Expect a TerraCycle Envelope 
Once you complete the form, TerraCycle shifts gears and sends you an envelope. After you request it, expect to receive it in one to two weeks.

3. Stay Hydrated
Attention HFACTORWATER fans - make sure to empty all of your HFACTORWATER pouches! Once you get your free TerraCycle envelope, simply throw your empty pouches in it.

4. Mail It
After you pack your envelope with (empty) HFACTORWATER, mail it to TerraCycle through UPS - postage is pre-paid!

5. Do Your Part
If you've completed steps one through four, you’ve already bettered the planet – Go you! But remember that your responsibility to the planet shouldn't stop here.


Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Our role in sustaining the Earth isn't limited to our partnership with TerraCycle. In comparison to other package types, we use the most effective package delivery type for HFACTORWATER orders - It's our 50:1 ratio. Do you believe that a glass bottle is more recyclable than our pouch? If you think that, you're mistaken! To support our answer, twenty-six truckloads of unfilled glass bottles carry the same amount of products as one truckload of empty flexible packages!

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