Frequently Asked Questions

We get it - Hydrogen Infused Water might be new to you and you have some questions. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers and then some. If you have a question not seen here, feel free to email us at
Um, All Water has Hydrogen. What’s So Special About More?
When the two Hydrogen atoms in H2O are bound to oxygen, they are not available for any other interactions. But when we infuse hydrogen gas into water, active hydrogen molecules are free and accessible to our body! Small and Soluble, molecular hydrogen can quickly circulate and speed straight into the power centers of our cells.
How Much H is in HFACTORWATER?
Our hydrogen starts at 2.0ppm and settles at 1.0 to 1.4ppm. Sounds light, but it lifts like a champ.
When Should I Drink it?
For optimal efficacy, we recommend one or two pouches (or cans) a day. Drink within 30 minutes of opening, so all that hydrogen doesn’t dissipate! Pro tip: hydrating with HFACTORWATER before and after your workout may help your performance and recovery.
Do I Have to Keep it in the Fridge?
No. But it is better when consumed when it’s a little chilly…
How Do You Know Your Water is Pure?
We find our water in the Midwest, purify it through reverse osmosis and infuse it with molecular hydrogen. That’s it. Because we source and package only in the States, we control the process from start to finish. You know exactly what you’re getting because we know exactly what we have to give.
Who Says Hydrogen is Beneficial, Anyway?
Molecular hydrogen has been extensively researched for its potential to efficiently deliver antioxidants, advance athletic performance and cool inflammation from exercise. The benefits of molecular hydrogen have been documented in Japan since 2007, and in the years since more than 1000 studies conducted by scientists all over the world have been published. Here are some sites to research molecular hydrogen:
International Journal of Sports Medicine
Informa Healthcare
National Institute of Health
Alzheimer’s Association
American Physiological Society
Science Direct
Society of University Surgeons
Pulmonary Hypertension News
Why Doesn’t it Come in a Bottle?
Diatomic hydrogen is the very smallest molecule, so it can escape through a conventional plastic or glass bottle. Instead, we’ve developed a super-sealed pouch and handy can, so your hydrogen stays put. We’ve designed our packaging to respect the planet in the process, minimizing our carbon footprint while maximizing our health benefits.
How Do You Make It?
We like our water pure and powerful, so we combine clean hydrogen and fresh water in a natural, proprietary reverse osmosis process that requires no magnesium or chemical electrolysis. Basic. As it should be.
Can I Carry HFACTORWATER in my Store?
Absolutely! Start by calling us at 888-501-0908 or email us via our contact form.

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