HFactor Family Spotlight featuring Chris Almazan

by H Factor | October 09, 2019

The HFactor Family

You may not be aware that we have a “HFactor Family” or that it’s a part of HFactor that we pride ourselves in. Don’t worry, we’re here to fill you in!

Our family members consist of individuals who share a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and of course, love HFactor. Once you’re a part of our family, you can receive exclusive discounts, offers, event details and free product. With that being said, we want to share our exclusive interview with Chris Almazan, the newest member of our family!


Who is Chris Almazan?

Some of you recognize Chris from our Instagram page - he’s a familiar face. Not only is Chris a member of our HFactor Family, he’s the owner of Project Sculpt in Hoboken, NJ and that super-fit guy featured in our #HFactor30 challenge. We have a very special partnership with Chris so let’s dive into his journey!

Many people ask us the following questions: Why drink HFactor? When should I drink HFactor? How often should I drink it? The list goes on. On our quest for HFactor answers, we took a trip to Project Sculpt to see Chis in his natural habitat. We put our thinking caps on and came to the conclusion that there’s no better person to answer your questions than the fitness god himself, Chris Almazan. 

Why Chris Drinks HFactor

“As a fitness enthusiast, I drink HFactor to stay hydrated and speed up my recovery time”

Chris mentioned that the pouch itself contributes to his love for HFactor. For Chris and many others, the pouch is convenient for long workouts – it’s easy to throw into a bag, hydrate on-the-go, and makes for fast drinking!


When Chris Drinks HFactor

As you probably figure, Chris’s typical day is filled with a lot of working out and a lot of sweating. So, to kickstart his day, he usually has his first HFactor when he jumps out of bed. Then, in-between his classes he rehydrates with HFactor, and of course before and after his own workout. Chris definitely found his flavor - he says he drinks Tart Cherry religiously after every workout (which means A LOT of hydrogen-infused exercise sessions)!

“I love the HFactor flavors because they have zero calories and are sugar-free so I don't have to sacrifice any calories for flavor.”

How Often Chris Drinks HFactor

According to our trusted source (Chris himself), Chris drinks around eight pouches per day! Have no fear, consuming two per day will suffice. Chris can also finish an eleven-ounce pouch in approximately two seconds – consider us impressed.

“My message to any doubters is: try it. You'll recover faster with the extra hydrogen and stay hydrated throughout your workout because the pouch makes it so easy to drink.”


Want to Join?

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