“Flex on the Beach” Fueled by HFactor

by H Factor | October 02, 2019

An event to remember

A few weeks ago, HFactor had a hydrogen fueled, action-packed, sweat infused day at Flex on the Beach. For those who don’t know about “Flex on the Beach,” we’ll give you some background. For seven years, friends and fellow workout enthusiasts have gathered on Long Beach, Long Island to compete in a series of cross fit events. This year was HFactor’s first year participating in the event and it exceeded our expectations to say the very least.


Our very own Chris Sanborn showed up ready to lift

Not only did we have a blast handing out HFactor and meeting everyone, a member of the HFactor family participated in the Flex on the Beach competition! HFactor’s COO, Chris Sanborn, crushed the competition with the help of our hydrogen water! He did heavy hang cleans at a weight of 205, survived the way too many burpees and pullups and dominated the kettebell swings, all while representing us. Cheering on Chris was not the only highlight of our day, HFactor received a lot of love – let’s just say people jumped on the HFactor bandwagon!


Crossfitters happen to be some of our most vocal consumers. So, throughout the day we heard participants rave about HFactor - which made our day a very special one! HFactor’s tent was a “hot spot” and meeting ground for people interested in stepping up their workout game. Everyone was thrilled to know that HFactor has been shown to ease muscle fatigue, reduce inflammation from exercise, and deliver powerful antioxidants.


Leaving our H mark

Since many consumers aren’t familiar with hydrogen water’s benefits, we’ve been programmed to answering this question (which isn’t a bad thing). A lot of the attendees were already aware of hydrogen water’s ability to help their body recover, so they were eager to try HFactor from the get-go! Needless to say, that made Flex on the Beach a delight for us. We are anxiously awaiting to hear from our Flex on the Beach “groupies” and wanted to give them a special shout out in this post!