How It All Started

By HFactor | September 11, 2019

A sit down with our CEO & Founder, Gail Levy

Question: Tell us how you first found out about hydrogen infused water?

Answer: I get this question a lot and most people think that I found some huge niche in the market that I wanted to capitalize on. While that may be part of the business objective now, it’s certainly not the origin story.

HFACTORWATER came to be started after I lost my best friend to cancer. During that time, I was fanatically searching for a solution to help minimize the effects of chemo and radiation. Ironically, a former retired NBA player and friend, shared the benefits he and his friends ascertained from drinking water infused with extra hydrogen. At the time, it was not available in the US which surprised me because upon further researching molecular hydrogen I found that there were over 180 papers extolling the benefits of molecular hydrogen in health and wellness. And as it turned out, one specifically called out a study for cancer patients taking the same chemo that my friend was taking. I became absolutely obsessed with figuring out how to efficiently manufacture it without any additives, and to develop a package that could maintain the integrity of the product – in other words, keep the Hydrogen inside from escaping while sitting on the shelf.


Question: What was the research like in the early stages? What were some of the challenges/obstacles you had to overcome to make this a consumer product?

Answer: Looking back, there were many times I felt like giving up. It was a very tedious process with tons of roadblocks. I literally had to travel the world in search of answers on how to get molecular hydrogen free flowing into water. Then I had the challenge of manufacturing a container that would keep the hydrogen in without outgassing because it would seep right through traditional glass and plastic bottles. I thought about my friend and how much she endured – that’s what kept me going and motivated me to get where we are today.

Question: Tell us some of your favorite stories or things you’ve heard from people who drink your water?

Answer: There are so many stories that are so heartfelt. The ones that particularly resonate are people suffering from different issues involving inflammation. We hear amazing feedback from people with autoimmune issues, migraine headaches, allergies, skin issues, etc. Sometimes we hear stories from people who party a little too hard and find that HFACTORWATER in the morning is their new best friend! We also hear fantastic feedback from professional sports players and celebrities which is always fun to see one of them drinking HFACTORWATER in public captured by paparazzi.


Question: If you had to say in one sentence why people should consider/drink HFactor, what would it be?

Answer: The only natural beverage for performance and recovery with ZERO calories and just two ingredients, pure water and pure hydrogen. What can be simpler than that?

Question: What do you have to say to all the skeptics out there?

Answer: Most people are quick to dismiss it, but I urge people to do their research and give it a try for themselves. Today there are over 1,000 papers on the efficacy of molecular hydrogen in health and wellness.

Question: Where do you see HFACTORWATER in 5 years?

Answer: Everywhere!


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