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HFactor Water Inc. (OTCMKTS: HWTR) is a US-based woman-led company launched in 2017 to respond to increasing demand and growing retail market for molecular hydrogen-infused water, a powerful antioxidant shown to improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation from exercise, and boost energy. Molecular hydrogen-infused water, widely used in Asia as a functional beverage and recovery drink, is now being discovered by U.S. consumers, celebrities and professional athletes. Over 1,000 published papers demonstrate the positive impacts of hydrogen water on fitness, health, lifestyle, recovery, and wellness. Investors and celebrity brand ambassadors include multi-platinum producer, singer, and songwriter Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Dallas Cowboys defensive superstar, DeMarcus Lawrence. HFactor water is sourced and packaged in the United States and is available in multiple flavors.
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HFactor Snapshot

Strong Foundation. Demonstrated traction. Positioned for growth.

Significant market opportunity - Global bottled water market is projected to reach $215B by 2025.

Demonstrated market traction - $ 3.0M Sales 2021, E $ 6.0M Sales for 2022 30M+ followers across Social Media channels, Over 100M UVPM.

Proprietary manufacturing process - reverse osmosis filtering system and patent protected infusion process ensures efficacy, purity & taste.

Efficacy backed by science - Over 1,000 published studies demonstrating the health benefits of hydrogen.

Diversified, multi-channel sales strategy - Direct to Consumer via: Amazon, Walmart.com, Kroger, Go Puff + on shelves in approximately 5000 + retail stores across 20 chains.

Lower carbon footprint - Eco-conscious packaging + free mail-in recycling program through partnership with Teracycle

global bottled water market by 2025
$6+ MM
HFactor projected sales in 2022
annual CAGR since lunch in 2017
Patent Protected
Proprietary Manufacturing Process
Backed by Science
Proven efficacy
Meet HFactor
an award-winning hydrogen infused water that offers multiple
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, enhancing how your body feels, functions, and renews.
A significant opportunity that keeps growing
HFactor’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits appeal to a wide population across every age group, positioning HFactor to capture significant share in an expanding market.
global market for the
bottled water
projected CAGR
from 2021 - 2028
projected global market for
bottled water in 2028
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