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HFACTOR brings hydrogen water to the US –

HFACTOR brings hydrogen water to the US –

“Not all water was created equally. If you thought it was, you haven’t tried hydrogen water. Brought to the US by HFACTOR, drinking hydrogen rich water has been a growing trend in Asia for years.

The water is naturally infused with hydrogen designed for optimum hydration and recovery. What makes it so unique is it actually acts as a powerful antioxidant with the potential for many therapeutic benefits and enhanced cellular protection.

HFACTOR naturally infuses hydrogen into the water, which is then kept stable until you drink it. It even has a longer retention time as well as a low carbon footprint. Some of the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water may include:

· Skincare issues (such as reducing inflammation and blotchiness)

· Alleviate allergies

· Speed up recovery post-workout (such as muscle fatigue)

· Improve overall exercise performance

· Act as an anti-diabetic agent

· Help with the even flow of blood circulation

· Lower cholesterol levels

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Source: HFACTOR brings hydrogen water to the US – National East Coast Restaurant |

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