Is HFactor the new wave of recovery drinks?

by H Factor | September 19, 2019

Let's Jump in and find out

Last month, Well + Good named HFactor as one of the top five recovery drinks to fuel sweat sessions. Riding on that momentum, HFactor will take the discussion a step further. Our blog shares insights from NYC professional trainers on HFactor’s role in the recovery process.


Don’t Knock it Till You’ve Tried It!

“HFactor is the latest addition to my fitness routine. Admittingly, I was skeptical at first - you don’t need a degree in chemistry to know that water already has Hydrogen in it. Since I work in the fitness industry, I am constantly searching for new products and brands, so I decided to give HFactor a try. I was specifically interested to see how the product could help reduce inflammation. After consuming three drinks for a two-week period, I was pleasantly surprised by my boost of energy, both pre and post workout. It is safe to say, HFactor has officially become an essential part of my daily routine!”

- Brittany, NYC Fitness Trainer

Recovery in a pouch.

“I love HFactor - not only because of how it makes me feel, it is so easy to bring to my workouts. All I have to do is throw the pouch in my bag and enjoy it right after I work out!”

- Jenna, NYC Fitness Enthusiast


No sugar, no problem

 “I’ve been really careful and particular in terms of what I put into my body. I used to drink every type of energy and recovery drink imaginable, without looking too much into the ingredients. After discovering HFactor through a friend, I finally found a product that helps me recover without adding unnecessary chemicals into my body.”

- Mike, Fitness Trainer

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