In normal water, two hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen (H2O) making it difficult for our bodies to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen.  In hydrogen infused water, molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is dissolved into water creating active diatomic hydrogen molecules that are accessible to our bodies.  Molecular hydrogen, small and soluble, has the potential to quickly circulate into many locations of our body, including the hard to reach powerhouses of our cells.

Depending on your home, work and lifestyle choices, there are many potential ways that hydrogen infused water may enhance your health and wellness.

It has been documented through hundreds of studies that molecular hydrogen may have the potential to improve athletic performance and recovery, energy levels, jet lag, hangovers, allergies, skin irritation, inflammation and circulation, among many other researched benefits.

For optimal results, we recommend drinking one to two refrigerated HFactor hydro-packs a day, within 30 minutes of opening. Drinking HFactor before and after your workout may help your performance and recovery.

Hydrogen, the lightest and smallest molecule, can easily escape through conventional bottle materials such as plastic or glass. We’ve developed a special hydro-pack, with minimal carbon footprint, which acts as an effective barrier to keep the hydrogen inside until you are ready to rotate and hydrate!

HFactor infuses pure hydrogen into water via patent-pending natural methods, unlike other hydrogen products which are manufactured utilizing magnesium and chemical processes.

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