Peak Performance

Research suggests that the oral intake of hydrogen rich water before exercise may reduce muscle fatigue caused by intense exercise.
This double blind and placebo controlled trial was conducted with 10 male soccer players aged 19-22 for one week intervals where researches measured peak torque and muscle activity among other things.


Research suggests that a daily intake of two liters of hydrogen rich water for two weeks may help with reducing lactic acid build up.
A placebo controlled and double blind trial was conducted with 52 seemingly physically fit men and supports the hypothesis that hydrogen rich water is safe to consume and may reduce acidity in physically fit men.


Research suggests that hydrogen gas has the potential as a novel antioxidant and may dissolve quickly into tissues and cells.


Research suggests that an oral intake of hydrogen rich water may help with minimizing allergic reactions.

Skin Care

Hydrogen rich water may be an alternative treatment that potentially has preventative and therapeutic effects.
Research suggests that drinking hydrogen rich water may suppress inflammatory causing proteins which aid in the development of chronic skin conditions including eczema that produce itching and redness.


Research suggests that molecular hydrogen may decrease the production of pro-inflammatory factors.
Molecular Hydrogen may improve cells with additional anti-inflammatory effects.